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Reasons to Visit Rockland, Maine with 250 Main Hotel  – Sunny Coastlines
July 15, 2017

Recently name Maine’s “Art Capital” Rockland boasts an impressive “Maine Art Museum Trail” which includes eight museums.  Artists are flocking to this down to earth city and drawing in inspiration wherever they go.  Besides the museums, you have two bright and colorful wall murals.  Both, Farnsworth museum led projects, had Youth Arts of the Maine Community Foundation to engage the area’s youth in painting the massive murals. Read more.

Rockland, Maine – One Brass Fox
June 2, 2017

The sweet little town of Rockland Maine was our destination and proved to be the perfect mix of relaxation + recreation. The boutiques and cafes were just barely edged out in beauty by the killer coastline views. So, for today, I’ve pulled together a recap and travel guide of our favorite spots PLUS a short video at the end of the post. Read more.

A Weekend at 250 Main Hotel in Rockland – Brunch on Sunday
February 7, 2017

While on the outside, it may appear that small coastal Maine towns “shut down” in the winter. However, if you enjoy less crowds, traffic, and a less expensive stay, the winter is actually a wonderful time to visit Maine. Read more.

A Dozen Top New and Renewed Hotels in the Northeast for 2016 – Huffington Post
December 13, 2016


For a hotel to stay relevant, it must, like a shark, move or die. “Moving” in the lodging world, means constant renovation, or at least cosmetic refreshing. Read more.

Heading to Coastal Maine for the Art, the Light, and the Lobster – The Globe and Mail
August 6, 2016

The opening of a sleek contemporary art centre confirms that the seaside town of Rockland is the perfect combination of down east charm and dynamic culture. Read more.

Forget Montauk: Why Maine Should Be Your Modern Summer Retreat – Bloomberg.com
July 8, 2016

An in-the-know crowd is heading up north instead of out east—and a clutch of new, stylish hotels are only one reason why. Read more.

New Hotel Hopes to Attract Art and Food Lovers Heading to Rockland
May 24, 2016

Six years ago, Cabot Lyman bought a run-down building on Rockland’s Main Street. The economy was still in recession, and Lyman wanted a project to make work for some of the people at his boat building business. He planned a five-story condominium project.
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